Photographer Member Profile: Tammi Howell

cfcprofilepicWhen I’m not connecting with people through my career in the medical profession, I try to connect with nature and wildlife in whatever ways I can. I obtained certificates in Wildlife Education and Feline Husbandry while working with various species including black bear, bobcat, and lynx. My passion, however, is photography. I feel such a spiritual connection to nature and wildlife and I try to portray that through my photography and art. It’s my intention to capture the essence of the landscapes, the personality of the animals, and the story of whatever my subject might be. My hope is to inspire others to connect on a deeper level, to get out and see nature beyond the walls of their everyday lives, and to take an interest in preserving this one Earth we call home.

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Our goal is to inspire others to become more involved in nature and deepen their relationship with nature and the natural world through photography. We do this by leading workshops in nature journaling and wildlife photography. We also provide photo services to organizations that work with the environment for the purposes of helping them further their conservation efforts. Last, but not least, we host workshops for children with special needs who may benefit from using nature photography as a communication tool. We do not represent any political group, nor do we align with any current conservation group. Our purpose is only to take photos and teach others how to take photos of wildlife in a way that would benefit the environment. We do not have a political or activist agenda.

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