Photographer Member: Melissa Cory

Photography is such a wonderful way to express oneself. It has also become such an import visual voice for many organizations around the world. A photo touches people in different ways, provokes different feelings and most of all can send
Such a huge and important message. I am an amateur photographer and have lived in Iowa my whole life. I love photographing landscapes, Birds, animals, butterflies, flowers and everything in between. I am a proud wife, mother of two grown boys and a very proud grandmother of two beautiful grandchildren who at 2yrs. and 5 yrs both have the photography bug already. For me working with Cameras for Conservancy and the organizations involved brings even more meaning to my work. To be able to be one of those visual voices is such an honor.
The world is big and constantly changing. Humans and wildlife are closer to each other more than ever. In some good ways and In other ways not so good. Which means we have a responsibility to protect what nature and wildlife we have left and that we also have a responsibility to do what we can to bring awareness to as many people in as many ways as we can to help the conservancy efforts..
I look forward to working with everyone involved.
I have had the honor of having some of my work displayed at the Iowa State Fair Photography Salon in 2016-17. I took second place in the Silos and Smokestacks Photography contest in 2016.
And have also had my photo Published on the Cover of Iowa Bird Life Magazine for the Fall issue of 2016.

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