Cameras for Conservancy Meet- Up at Lee G Simmons Conservation Park

By Kristie Burns

February, 2019

Cameras for Conservancy members had an amazing time at their February meet-up at the Lee G. Simmons Wildlife Conservation Park near Omaha, Nebraska. Members Tammi Howell, John Ryan, and Kristie Burns all attended. Holly Felsen Welch, who also attended, joined us as a member this week!

We were allowed IN the enclosure with the sandhill cranes and rescued eagles which allowed us to get photos we would never have been able to get in the wild. I’ve only been this close to an eagle once before – and that time was a surprise within itself.

The weather was cold but it allowed for some special photo opportunities like this one of an eagle’s breath by Kristie Burns.

We were also allowed to visit the wolves and take photos of them playing in the snow – their favorite game was to play hide-in-seek with us.

Afterwards some of us visited the Omaha Zoo, which was only 20 minutes away and the cheetahs were in rare display this day – playing with children on the outside their enclosure and posing for us in the snow.

We look forward to planning a meet-up again at this wonderful facility. Below are some photos from our experience – a close encounter with a sandhill crane, a cheetah in the snow, Tammi Howell listening to the keeper tell us about the cranes and eagles, Kristie Burns bundled up for the weather as ninja snowman, and John Ryan just before a sandhill crane decided to give his camera lens a good hard tap…

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