CFC at Art for the Wild

By Kristie Burns

February 26, 2019


Cameras for Conservancy joined up with Blank Park Zoo last week to donate some photography prints to their amazing Art for the Wild Event. Brett Stewart, Tammi Howell, John Ryan, Terry Landers, Barb Ashton, and Kristie Burns – all members of Cameras for Conservancy – donated prints to this event as a great example of teamwork!

All we had to do was post the invitation on our private member list and these wonderful members were eager to help. Thank you to all of them!

Besides the great feeling of helping conservation with photography the event itself was also a lot of fun. Tammi Howell, Brett Stewart, and Kristie Burns all attended. Each of us were given a complimentary ticket to the event, a name tag that designated us as an artist, and a small gift at our table. We also got to enjoy visiting with some of the animal ambassadors like my favorite – the prehensile porcupine.

Tammi’s photo of an elephant was one of the first pieces of art to be claimed for the evening with everyone’s photos getting claimed by the end of the event.

CFCZooEventSpeakerPosterThe speaker was inspiring as she talked about the efforts her group has gone to in saving lions in Africa. Her group actually spent two years getting to know the local population and work WITH them in their conservation efforts in a very respectful way. It was encouraging to hear her speak.

We missed the other members who could not attend the event itself but we did take photos of their art on display.

We look forward to helping out as a group again next year!. The event was a great success with a big crowd, beautiful table displays, a fun MC who seemed to know something about everyone, and a great speech by Jessie Lowry of Blank Park Zoo about all their conservation efforts around the world – she even ended her show with a shoutout to Tammi and Kristie who donated photos for her slide show presentation.


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