CFC Photographs Famous Entomologist, Doug Tallamy

By Kristie Burns

February 7, 2019

Cameras for Conservancy Members Brett Stewart (with our official press pass created by Terry Landers with an amazing photo by John Ryan) and Kristie Burns were invited to take photos at the Hope for the Wild speaker series featuring Doug Tallamy on February 7th. His talk was amazing.

There is a lot of talk being done about growing gardens that attract pollinators but he talks about how we need to also attract caterpillars to support our local bird populations. The statistics he provided were amazing and at one time in his talk he entertained us all by rattling off the names of caterpillars like a professional rapper.

Doug Tallamy is a professor in the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware and has authored 92 research publications and taught for 37 years. His book, Bringing Nature Home: How Native Plants Sustain Wildlife in our Gardens was awarded the 2008 Silver Medal by the Garden Writers’ Association.

It was an honor to meet him and be able to supply photos for this event!

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