CfC Photo Day at Hercules Haven

IMG_6989On March 31, 2019 Cameras for Conservancy Members Karen Garland, Brett Stewart, Melissa Cory, John Ryan, Tammi Howell, Kristie Burns, Mosi Mandil & Barb Ashton all gathered at Hercules Haven in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to take photos of the animals on their land. Since then Hercules Haven has moved to a 40 acre plot in Springville, Iowa where they contribute to conservation by supporting healthy land usage and kindness to all animals. You can read more about Hercules Haven here. I’ve included some quotes and photos from the photographers below to give you some insight into what the event was like. The images we took will support the Hercules Haven fundraising causes on social media as well as their fundraising calendar.

IMG_6990Karen Garland says, “I had so much fun that day! Meeting all the special animals at Hercule’s Haven was a joy, I especially loved getting to know Tessa and watching her lively antics as she vied for attention!”

Barb Ashton says, “This was my first visit to Hercules Haven. I didn’t know what to expect but found many animals there deeply loved and well cared for. I was particularly fascinated by the variety of chickens and how their feathers glinted different colors in the bright afternoon sun. Definitely would like to visit them again in their new location.”

Photo of Tammi by John RyanTammi Howell says, “It brought joy to my heart to see all the animals so happy. Much hard work has been put in to giving them a healthy, happy home! The team at Hercules’s Haven clearly has a heart for giving these rescue animals the life they deserve.” (photo of Tammi by John Ryan)

IMG_6987Melissa Cory says, “Seeing all the different personalities the rescue animals had and how happy they were was so heart warming and a lot of fun! I couldn’t help falling in love with all the animals that are being wonderfully cared for at Hercules’ Haven. I can’t wait for another visit.”

Brett Stewart says, “This was a exciting visit as I was able to connect to place that was welcoming to people! The animals are all amazing, they all touched me in some special way. The goats were my favorite as they all seemed to want to be photographed. The land near and around Hercules’ Havenwas relaxing and peaceful as well and I was able to clear my mind and have a new vision on life.”

Mosi Mandil says, “The chickens are surprisingly delightful! It’s not just the big animals that are interesting and fun.”



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