CFC Annual Meeting

Cameras for Conservancy had their annual meeting on October 20th, 2019. We discussed achievements this year, goals for the coming year, and what its like to be a member of Cameras for Conservancy.

Old members, new members, and visitors all attended.

At the end of the meeting many of us took a walk around Jester Park for our first ever “Foto Flashmob” where we all took photos and donated them to Jester Park. You can see our photos of the event and photos we donated here.

Some highlighted items that were shared from the meeting:

  1. Our last year has been successful in creating an impressive “resume” for the organization. We have proven that we have the ability and the passion to do photo jobs for conservation organizations and have featured many of those in our blog.
  2. Many conservation organizations have expressed their appreciation for our work. We have included some of those comments on our testimonials page.
  3. At this time all members are participating on some level, attending events, contributing photos, helping with social media, helping with the newsletter, and much more. However, president Kristie Burns has been managing the website, e-mails, and organizational part of CFC on her own. CFC is seeking more members to participate on the organizational level as well as the photography level. The organization will grow as fast as we want it to. Every time a member volunteers to help we move along more quickly.
  4. Now that we have proven need and ability, next year we will focus on fundraising and are seeking members to help in these efforts.
  5. We will be planning a lot of exciting events for members next year and continue to run our private member photo shoots as these are very popular.
  6. Four new members joined at or after the meeting!
  7. We are planning a yearly calendar and other ways that members can earn money for both themselves and the organization.
  8. Our core goal is to provide photos for conservation organizations to help them communicate their message on a wider scale in a more effective manner. Having insights into how many of these organizations run, Kristie has mentioned it is important to provide images without taking money away from conservation work these organizations are doing. Many people do not realize how tight the budgets are for many of these organizations. However, a secondary goal is to provide an income for photographers. We are hoping to be able to pay some photographers for some jobs in the next year once our fundraising gets underway.
  9. We will be opening a job page and a photo sale page for photographers in 2020. People will be able to hire photographers and purchase prints from the website with only 15% going back to CFC.
  10. Kristie will be traveling to Madagascar to take photos for Conservation Fusion in November and December as part of CFC. Conservation Fusion is sponsoring the trip. There will be other chances for CFC members to travel in the coming months and years. Priority will be given to those members that have already taken on enough volunteer jobs that we are able to assess their work with CFC.
  11. We finally got our official 501c3 paper with our number on it!

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Our goal is to inspire others to become more involved in nature and deepen their relationship with nature and the natural world through photography. We do this by leading workshops in nature journaling and wildlife photography. We also provide photo services to organizations that work with the environment for the purposes of helping them further their conservation efforts. Last, but not least, we host workshops for children with special needs who may benefit from using nature photography as a communication tool. We do not represent any political group, nor do we align with any current conservation group. Our purpose is only to take photos and teach others how to take photos of wildlife in a way that would benefit the environment. We do not have a political or activist agenda.

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