CFC Members Document Monarch Fest for Blank Park Zoo

By Member Melissa Cory

CFC members Melissa Cory and Tammi Howell had the opportunity to photograph the Monarch Festival at Blank Park Zoo on Sept. 15th 2019.

Although a very warm day, it did not keep the crowds away from Monarch Fest. Guests were able to visit many conservation booths with representatives from Nature Conservancy, Polk county Conservancy, Neil Smith National Wildlife Refuge, Iowa County Conservation, ISU and more.  The tables were full of learning materials and many offered free native seeds and milkweed balls for them to take home as well as live Monarch displays. Entertainment from Jovenes Embajadores Mexican Dance was a beautiful site and they did a wonderful job!

The kids were able to make their own costumes to use for the Monarch Parade which was led by a giant Monarch Caterpillar that walked the parade up to the Butterfly Garden where they finally participated in the release of tagged Monarchs. It was great seeing the kids as well as parents learning and having fun. The smiles on the kids were HUGE!

Seeing what all goes into an event like this makes one really appreciate all that these organizations do and why it is so important for us to help them. They really do make a difference and they are doing really special things!

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