How Many Members Do You Have?
We have 28 official members and another 35 registered “participants” as of September 13, 2019 who are not part of the website, exhibits, volunteer work, jobs, etc. However participant members do contribute to some of the social media feed, getting the word out, and when we have public events once or twice a year they are interested in participating. Our group is growing quickly so those numbers are only accurate for the date shown
Do You Have to Live in Iowa to Be a Member?
We have members in California, Florida, Alabama, and Maine. You can become a member and start a chapter anywhere in the world!
What Does our $50.00 Membership Fee Pay For?
The $50.00 fee pays for the basic maintenance cost of the organization. As we are a 501c3 all our records are public. Our website is $12.00 each month, our newsletter service is $21.40 each month, our Zoom meeting for board meetings to keep up the 501c3 status is $9.99 each month. This year we have also had expenses for printing handouts, advertising at the Iowa State Fair, and filing the 501c3 paperwork.
What is Your Current 501c3 Status?
Our 501c3 status has been filed and we are awaiting final approval which should come any day. It does take some time. However, it was filed back in May 2019. Our tax advisor/rep has advised us that once we file we are able to legally claim the status unless told otherwise so we are currently functioning as a 501c3 awaiting our final paperwork.