We love the work we do to help other organizations. Here is what some of those organizations have to say about our work:

Susie Lewis of Conservation Fusion

WOW!  What a pleasure it was to work with you both (Melissa & Valerie – Members of CFC on assignment) during our Dream School 2.0 – Brew for 2.0 event this past Friday!

Thank you both for your time, talents and treasures!   We are so happy you could be part of the Dream Team!  Together, we raised nearly $3,000 ~ with every cent going directly to building Dream School 2.0! – creating a foundation for education and conservation in the region for 175 students, 7 teachers and the entire Lavavolo village! This community is dedicated to protecting radiated tortoises and lemurs!

We can’t thank you enough!  I hope you both enjoyed your time- and I was so happy to see you win a few fun raffle prizes too!  We look forward to seeing the photos and helping to promote Cameras for Conservancy in any way we can!

Alison White Stone of http://www.HerculesHaven.org

“Cameras for conservancy has visited Hercules’ Haven several times. Every time they visit, they bring smiles, comradery, and an immense amount of talent. It is such a joy watching them romp with the animals, take photos with them and get down and dirty for the perfect shot! I truly am on pins and needles waiting for the pictures to come back to me that they share so gracefully with our non-profit. The photos have helped us immensely with our social media, calendars and website! They have helped people to really get a literal look into some of our residents eyes!”

Jessie Lowry of Blank Park Zoo

“Photography is a powerful tool to convey the beauty and diversity of nature. Blank Park Zoo is on a quest to inspire our community to take ACTIONS to protect wildlife and wild places, before its too late. Cameras for Conservancy has provided us with a library of breath-taking photos, for our use, free of charge. They’ve captured intimate moments of our Zoo animals as well as countless shots of Iowa’s remaining wild landscapes. These images have been used in presentations, newsletters, social media and more. The partnership between Blank Park Zoo and Cameras for Conservancy is creating a positive change for wildlife, using power of art to inspire.”

Joan Van Gorp from The Friends of Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge talks about our president, Kristie Burns:

“The Friends of Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge work to promote awareness of the Refuge and help individuals develop an emotional connection to nature and the Refuge. I know Kristie’s photography is one of, if not the most, instrumental in doing this.

There is a simple beauty to the tallgrass prairie and Kristie is able to capture that beauty and so much more. From the fragile blooms of the woodland flowers in the Oak Savanna to the majestic bison and elk – her photography allows everyone to see the constant change on the prairie. Kristie is amazingly creative in getting images that are informative, thought-provoking and even humorous!

Kristie’s photographs allow those who have never been to the Refuge to see how much the Refuge has to offer and why this “hidden gem” is such an asset to the metro area and the entire state. She is always willing to take the time to attend Friends and Refuge events to take photos. We can then share those on social media and in publications, again to let the public know of the happenings at the Refuge.

The Friends are extremely fortunate to have Kristie as such an active participant in our organization. Her talents, personality and drive all make her a pleasure to know and work with.”