Board of Directors


Director: Kristie Burns

Kristie Burns is the CEO of The BEarth Institute, a successful educational company. Since 1989 she has been creating thriving businesses and is seeking to bring these development and leadership skills to Cameras for Conservancy so it can grow into a flourishing non-profit organization. Kristie has been a photographer since 1989 and has a degree in anthropology from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. She has worked as a wildlife anthropologist as well as a wildlife photographer since 2012.



Secretary: Mohsina Mandil

Mohsina Mandil is the Executive Assistant at The Bearth Institute and is currently pursuing her Master of Social Work. She has been participating in photography as a leisure activity since 2008, specializing in people and events such as March of Babies, The Renaissance Faire at Sleepy Hollow, The Iowa City Pride Festival, Amana Colonies Manifest, The Gladiator Assault Challenge, the annual All-State Barn Tour, the Annual Camel, Zebra & Ostrich Races at Prairie Meadows, and other sports and music events. Mohsina has regularly exhibited photos into the Photography Salon at the Iowa State Fair, and has won awards at both the Iowa State Fair Salon as well as the Des Moines Camera Club, part of the North Central Camera Club Council.


Treasurer: Hussein Mandil (currently seeking new treasurer as our current treasurer would like to take on a different position)

Photo Historian: Sherry Borzo

Sherry Borzo is a Personal Publisher of Family and Company histories since 2009. She interviews, researches and curates stories to share with those who matter most. Stories well told in words and images ignite connection and understanding. Sherry is not a photographer but understands the strength of images to elicit emotion and resonate in an instant. She is happy to support Cameras for Conservancy in its mission to bring the power of images to teach the value of nature to us all. In addition to her work as a publisher for Storied Gifts, Sherry is the proud grandmother of two whom she hopes will enjoy a healthy planet in their future.


Social Media: Kathleen Dytrych

Kathleen Dytrych grew up in Chicago and now lives in St. Charles, Illinois with her husband Peter. She earned a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and owns a small company that provides medical case management and vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities. She has a son and daughter who share her enthusiasm for photography. She loves nature, hiking, bike riding, and traveling to places she has never done before, exploring near and far.

She says, “I think people generally like looking at beauty and really enjoy seeing photos shared by others who have captured something beautiful they came across. Just as I enjoy seeing photos of others shared experiences or places I have not been, I think others get the same enjoyment from my shared photos. It is so easy to share photos on social media with others that are captured in my photos, that just wasn’t possible before. Also, on social media there can be negativity, or strong voicing of opinions, so it’s always nice to come across an attractive photo especially nature ones that have a calming affect, or people ones that show the beauty of relationships. Beauty and colors and putting out positive energy has a favorable effect on people. The social media feeds of conservation organizations also remind me of what they are doing, the positive impact they have, and what would be the dire consequences it they did not exist. I am reminded of the importance of them being supported.”


Public Relations: Brett Stewart

Hey Ya’ll I was born and raised in Iowa and I have loved traveling across Iowa and the rest of the Midwest all my life. I enjoying exploring Iowa my home state and the Midwest and absolutely love showing off the Midwest through my photography. What is so amazing about photography is you can express so many things through a lens with the result of a image that someone can connect someway that is 1 or 1 million miles away. Wildlife and Nature Landscapes are my main core of photography as I find it amazing to see how all the elements are changing always. Getting out and exploring is amazing so I encourage you to get out and explore the world!! The world is always changing as we see it and it’s amazing to capture any moment you can!!!



Website Management/Tech: Terry Landers

I am Owner & photographer with Studio Enve. With over 15 years experience capturing amazing moments. For me photography is more than my job, it’s my passion. I am so fortunate to be able to wake up and do what I love every day.
My love for the outdoors goes back to when i was young growing up on a farm in rural Iowa and spending time in the outdoors.  I pride myself in capturing beautiful, creative, and professional images invoking thought and conversation. My goal is to show the beauty, grace, strength and enthusiasm of what I photograph. I focus on turning a moment in time into a timeless fine art image.  



Eastern Iowa Liaison: Karen Garland

I obtained a BA degree in English Literature with an emphasis in writing from the University of Iowa. I subsequently worked as a Technical Writer with a company contracted by the U.S. Department of Education. I left her technical writing career to pursue her interest in spiritual and natural teaching. I love to photograph nature in all it’s forms, from landscape to wildlife, and feels very passionate about conservation of natural resources. I frequently submit nature and wildlife photography to various photography groups and online sites. I live with my husband Dan and our beloved German Shepherd Jaxson in rural Eastern Iowa.  My favorite pastime is to be amidst nature photographing all the “magic” that occurs there.  I have always felt passionate about animals and nature.  In fact, when I was a child, my mother would worry about me because I had no fear of animals and would run up to any animal, without hesitation, to pet it and give it affection.  My connection to animals and nature has always been natural and very spiritual to me, and is where I feel the most at home in this world. As a young adult, I studied literature and writing, obtaining a BA in English from the University of Iowa.  I subsequently studied alternative healing, obtaining my Reiki Master in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  My love of photography was always in the background though, following me throuhout my life.  It wasn’t until recently; however, that I began to seriously study photography and obtain the equipment necessary to pursue this passion fully.  I guess uniting my love of nature with my love of photography has been the inevitable path for me all along, and I’m more than thrilled to be following it now as a member of CFC!


Donations/Grant Writing: Open