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Kristie Burns
Instagram @BEarthImages
Facebook: BEarth Images


Kristie Burns was a photo-journalist in Chicago for three years covering presidential elections and protests at the time. Later she was a photo-journalist in The Middle East for 16-years and has exhibited photos on the “Women of Egypt” as well as covering treks through the desert with nomads, street life in Cairo and tourism in Syria, Jordan and Egypt. Her work has been published internationally including Lonely Planet Guides (Egypt 1986-1996 editions) and even a Hollywood movie (the original Stargate). Kristie moved back to Iowa 16 years ago and is currently working on a photo documentary called Earthschooling365. You can see some of Kristie’s images below. To see more link to her profile page here: Profile Page for Kristie Burns.

Tammi Howell

cfcprofilepicWhen I’m not connecting with people through my career in the medical profession, I try to connect with nature and wildlife in whatever ways I can. I obtained certificates in Wildlife Education and Feline Husbandry while working with various species including black bear, bobcat, and lynx. My passion, however, is photography. I feel such a spiritual connection to nature and wildlife and I try to portray that through my photography and art. It’s my intention to capture the essence of the landscapes, the personality of the animals, and the story of whatever my subject might be. My hope is to inspire others to connect on a deeper level, to get out and see nature beyond the walls of their everyday lives, and to take an interest in preserving this one Earth we call home.

You can see some of Tammi’s images below. To see more link to her profile page here: Profile Page for Tammi Howell.

Christopher Gutierrez

Chris GutierrezI’m an amateur photographer. However working on wildlife refuges since the summer has allowed me a lot of practice and time to photograph. I consistently go out at least 5 days a week to photograph and travel to different places in my free time in order to take pictures. I believe photography is a great way to communicate the conservation message. That is something I would like to help out with and be apart of. You can see some of Christopher’s work below as well as on his profile page here: Profile Page for Christopher Gutierrez.

Kathleen Dytrych


Kathleen says, “My family and friends say I take “way too many” photos. They may sometimes find me irritating and I know I can work on containing my excitement, but after events or vacations or experiences, they have fun looking at the photos and tell me how grateful they are that I captured the experience. They love having reminders of something wonderful.

You can see some of Kathleen’s images below. To see more link to her profile page here: Profile Page for Kathleen Dytrych.

John Ryan

JRAs an amateur photographer and lover  of the outdoors, I often find myself sitting in a prairie or woodland setting, looking for tiny critters in the leaves of a plant. I enjoy all wildlife photography, but I am fascinated with the tiny worlds seen thru a macro lens. For a while now, I’ve felt that I could be doing something with my photography to contribute, rather than just creating art for myself. I look forward to working with Cameras for Conservancy to contribute my skills and creative eye towards improving Iowa’s many excellent nature areas, and the organizations working to improve them.

See more of John’s images on his profile page here: Profile Page for John Ryan

Barb Ashton


Photography helps me focus on the wonder all around me. My camera is my time machine capturing and holding my wanderings, adventures, and the people I love and meet along the way. I’ve been taking pictures off and on since college and since my retirement I’ve had more time to photograph and travel.  I look forward to adding Cameras for Conservancy to my life. 
See more of Barb’s images on her profile page here: Member Barb Ashton

Mosi Mandil

Mosi Mandil Profile Photos CFC 288_oMohsina Mandil is the Executive Assistant at The Bearth Institute and is currently pursuing her Master of Social Work. She has been participating in photography as a leisure activity since 2008, specializing in people and events such as March of Babies, The Renaissance Faire at Sleepy Hollow, The Iowa City Pride Festival, Amana Colonies Manifest, The Gladiator Assault Challenge, the annual All-State Barn Tour, the Annual Camel, Zebra & Ostrich Races at Prairie Meadows, and other sports and music events. Mohsina has regularly exhibited photos into the Photography Salon at the Iowa State Fair, and has won awards at both the Iowa State Fair Salon as well as the Des Moines Camera Club, part of the North Central Camera Club Council.

See more of Mosi’s images on her profile page here: Photographer Member Mosi Mandil

Brett Stewart

IMG_2639Hey Ya’ll I was born and raised in Iowa and I have loved traveling across Iowa and the rest of the Midwest all my life. I enjoying exploring Iowa my home state and the Midwest and absolutely love showing off the Midwest through my photography. What is so amazing about photography is you can express so many things through a lens with the result of a image that someone can connect someway that is 1 or 1 million miles away. Wildlife and Nature Landscapes are my main core of photography as I find it amazing to see how all the elements are changing always. Getting out and exploring is amazing so I encourage you to get out and explore the world!! The world is always changing as we see it and it’s amazing to capture any moment you can!!!!

See more of Brett’s images on his profile page here: Profile Page for Brett Stewart

Clayton Worrell

I feel conservation, land management is not only the responsibility of the farmer or landowners, but the responsibility of anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Whether its landscape painting, photography, hunting, fishing, camping, etc…its our responsibility as whole to preserve and cherish our greatest asset for future generations to enjoy and protect. I’m a farmer in eastern Iowa with a degree in graphic design/visual communication. I would consider myself a self taught amateur photographer. 90% of my photographs are taken while driving from farm site to farm site on our gravel roads, or wandering our timber along the cedar river. I enjoy the familiarly of the wildlife I see on a day to day basis, patterning whitetails, getting to know when and where they will be present. Changes of seasons, migration of birds. Country living at its finest, and I’m grateful to capture only a fraction of it.

See more of Clayton’s images on his profile page here: Profile Page for Clayton Worrell

Terry Landers

I am Owner & photographer with Studio Enve. With over 15 years experience capturing amazing moments. For me photography is more than my job, it’s my passion. I am so fortunate to be able to wake up and do what I love every day.
My love for the outdoors goes back to when i was young growing up on a farm in rural Iowa and spending time in the outdoors.  I pride myself in capturing beautiful, creative, and professional images invoking thought and conversation. My goal is to show the beauty, grace, strength and enthusiasm of what I photograph. I focus on turning a moment in time into a timeless fine art image.  

See more of Terry’s images on his profile page here: Profile Page for Terry Landers

Shelly Hauschel

See more of Shelly’s images on his profile page here: Profile Page for Shelly Hauschel

 Melissa Cory

Photography is such a wonderful way to express oneself. It has also become such an import visual voice for many organizations around the world. A photo touches people in different ways, provokes different feelings and most of all can send
Such a huge and important message. I am an amateur photographer and have lived in Iowa my whole life. I love photographing landscapes, Birds, animals, butterflies, flowers and everything in between. I am a proud wife, mother of two grown boys and a very proud grandmother of two beautiful grandchildren who at 2yrs. and 5 yrs both have the photography bug already. For me working with Cameras for Conservancy and the organizations involved brings even more meaning to my work. To be able to be one of those visual voices is such an honor.
The world is big and constantly changing. Humans and wildlife are closer to each other more than ever. In some good ways and In other ways not so good. Which means we have a responsibility to protect what nature and wildlife we have left and that we also have a responsibility to do what we can to bring awareness to as many people in as many ways as we can to help the conservancy efforts..
I look forward to working with everyone involved.
I have had the honor of having some of my work displayed at the Iowa State Fair Photography Salon in 2016-17. I took second place in the Silos and Smokestacks Photography contest in 2016.
And have also had my photo Published on the Cover of Iowa Bird Life Magazine for the Fall issue of 2016.

See more of Melissa’s images on his profile page here: Profile Page for  Melissa Cory

Holly Welch

I retired after 36 years of teaching, started a photography business. After a battle with breast cancer, i found healing through nature. I spent three years being with the mute swans, on an almost daily basis. I became obsessed with learning about swans. I contacted the DNR and became involved with their swan restoration program. I am now the Education Coordinator for a nonprofit, The Willows Waterfowl Sanctuary in Boone, Iowa. I have spoken at many conferences, releases, and schools. My photography is no longer of people, but animals. I have received my Masters’ degree from Professional Photographers of America, as well as many awards, nationally, and regionally.


Robin Hagan

I was a portrait photographer for many years before my focus shifted to wildlife photography. I spend a lot of time in Florida’s state and national parks, and along the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail. I love sharing my love of nature with others through my photography, to help spread awareness that we all need to work together to pass this wonderful planet’s natural treasures on to our children.

See more of Robin’s images on his profile page here: Profile Page for  Robin Hagan

Karen Garland

I have always felt passionate about animals and nature.  In fact, when I was a child, my mother would worry about me because I had no fear of animals and would run up to any animal, without hesitation, to pet it and give it affection.  My connection to animals and nature has always been natural and very spiritual to me, and is where I feel the most at home in this world. As a young adult, I studied literature and writing, obtaining a BA in English from the University of Iowa.  I subsequently studied alternative healing, obtaining my Reiki Master in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  My love of photography was always in the background though, following me throughout my life.  It wasn’t until recently; however, that I began to seriously study photography and obtain the equipment necessary to pursue this passion fully.  I guess uniting my love of nature with my love of photography has been the inevitable path for me all along, and I’m more than thrilled to be following it now as a member of CFC!

See more of Karen’s images on her profile page here: Profile Page for  Karen Garland

Valerie Werth
Instagram @vkwerthphotography

60727937_2048539248606852_776746227051003904_nValerie says: Tunnel vision through my lens is a huge horizon of BEAUTY. Photography allows me to capture color, nature at all levels, to be creative, helps me to be at peace, and to stay active within my mind and soul. Best compliment I have received was from a lady admiring my photo’s to say, “ How can you take photos of things I have seen forever, and feel as though I am seeing it for the first time?” You can see some of Valerie’s images below. To see more link to her profile page here: Profile Page for Valerie Werth.

Rex Andersen

Rex Andersen
Rex says, “I’m a retired Information Technology professional who’s married with two grown children and two grandchildren. Both my wife and I are from the Des Moines area. We do quite a bit of volunteer work to keep us busy, both with our church, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, and other local organizations. As an avid outdoorsman my entire life, I’ve been a fisherman, hunter, camper and hiker in many states and countries. As I got older I lost interest in hunting, so I took up wildlife photography in retirement to get me outdoors and in nature. I shoot Canon equipment primarily in Iowa but I have made photo trips to Costa Rica and British Columbia with more planned in the future.” 

See more of Rex’s images on his profile page here: Profile Page for Rex Andersen


Phillip Brouse

Phillip says, “I am a wildlife ecologist and photographer. Most of my professional background has been in preserve and natural parks management focused on ecosystem restoration and management. My photography experience has been mostly with nature, with some occasional portrait, wedding, fashion, and newspaper projects thrown in.”

See more of Phillips’s images on his profile page here: Profile Page for Phillip Brouse


Mark Gromko

Mark Gromko 3Mark says, “I have been interested in photography since I was young, but it is only since my retirement in 2009 that I have been able to devote time and energy to developing my photography in a more studied way. I worked for 31 years at Bowling Green State University, first as a faculty member in genetics and evolution, and then as Vice Provost for Academic Programs. Freed from those responsibilities and with our children grown and out in the world, I have undertaken photography trips to a variety of locations. I have concentrated on landscapes of the natural world and wildlife photography.”

See more of Mark’s images on his profile page here: Profile Page for Mark Gromko


Wendy Carrington

Wendy says, “I’ve been enjoying photography for the past 17 years. Photography has encouraged me to look for and find the beauty in all things, even an old piece of wood has beauty. I am retired but have a small home website design & maintenance business. I also enjoy camping and spending time with my children and grandchildren. I have been fortunate in being awarded a couple of awards at the California State Fair, one 1st place photo was taken right here in Iowa. This same photo received a 1st place ribbon at a local county fair in California.”

See more of Wendy’s images on her profile page here: Wendy’s Profile Page