About Cameras for Conservancy


Thanks for joining us! Would you like to be part of Cameras for Conservancy? We are seeking:

  • Photographers with a passion for the environment
  • Organizations that need photography services
  • Organizations that would like to host our nature photography workshops

Do you want to join us? Please use the CONTACT US form and let us know if you are a photographer or organization. We will put you on our mailing list and inform you of meetings, opportunities and more.

Our goal is to inspire others to become more involved in nature and deepen their relationship with nature and the natural world through photography. We do this by leading workshops in nature journaling and wildlife photography. We also provide photo services to organizations that work with the environment for the purposes of helping them further their conservation efforts. Last, but not least, we offer workshops for children with special needs who may benefit from using nature photography as a communication/connection tool. We do not represent any political group, nor do we align with any current conservation group. Our purpose is only to take photos and teach others how to take photos of wildlife in a way that would benefit the environment.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Nature Photo Journaling Workshops

These workshops teach people about the importance of nature photography in conservation and how they can start their own 365-day nature photo journal project. These workshops further our mission of connecting more people with the natural world. These connections will decrease harm to the environment, because when participants make future decisions about the environment they will have this experience to help them make choices that are healthier for the environment. This workshop was presented at Living History Farms on September 15th, 2018 and will be presented in the future at The Des Moines Botanical Center and The Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge. We will continue to seek new locations to teach this workshop and are seeking more photographers to teach this workshop so we can reach more people. Participating photographers are encouraged to create their own version of the workshop. Additional goals of this workshop are to encourage well-being by helping children and adults spend more time outdoors, and to reduce harm to the environment such as littering, vandalism and other harmful activities.

Photography Services

There are many organizations in the state of Iowa and around the United States that are working on hundreds of different conservation projects. Some are working to rebuild prairie land. Some are working to maintain parkland and wildlife habitat. Some are helping to eradicate invasive species that are harming the flora and fauna in Iowa. However, due to budget cuts in many of these organizations they are having trouble reaching the people who need and want to know about their work. This directly impacts their ability to receive support from their community. For if the community does not know about their efforts and their hard work or is not inspired by the images they see, then they are not motivated to support them; And in today’s world people are largely influenced by photos more than any other media. By providing eye-catching photos to these organizations of their events, their work, and the wildlife and land that surrounds them and helping encouraging them to post these photos on social media we directly impact their ability to receive support. We have already donated photos to the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge, Voas Nature Reserve, Polk County Conservation, Iowa DNR, and Indian Creek Nature Center. We are now in the process a database that will greatly expand this list of “organizations in need.” We will also be forming a database of local photographers who would be willing to provide photography services to these organizations.

Benefits for Conservation Organizations

  • Free photography services
  • Expanded social media capabilities and impact
  • Professional photos for promotions & fundraising
  • Documentary photos for grant applications
  • Expanded your science image library
  • A central location to call for your photography needs
  • Visual images carry more impact than newsletters, words, or e-mails in today’s world. Increase interest in your work with increased visual communications.
  • Work with an organization that has a successful one-year (and growing) track record of success.
  • Expand your network of volunteers, donors and participants.
  • See more benefits HERE

Benefits for Photographers

  • Photographers will start out working on a volunteer basis, however, our long-term goal will be to offer photographers paid jobs through grants and donations. The first paid jobs that become available will be offered to volunteers with the most volunteer hours.
  • Listing on our website, including bio, album and link to your website
  • Behind the scenes access to conservation organizations you support
  • Inside information about specific wildlife (flora & fauna) locations
  • A chance to make a difference with your photography
  • Leave a legacy with your images
  • Be part of something big and connect with other photographers who have the same passion for the environment
  • Access to professional photography equipment and tools beyond your own
  • Cameras for Conservancy press pass and calling cards
  • Press passes to exclusive events
  • Publicity for your work while retaining rights to it
  • Get recognized for photos you are already taking in nature
  • Increased social media exposure